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  • Air conditioner Beko BBFEA 240/BCDH 241
The cooling and heating capacity of 24,000 BTU / hour makes the BEKO BCDH240 / BCDH241 air conditioner an effective device for providing a comfortable microclimate in large rooms up to 55 m². A coarse cleaning system with a deodorizing filter removes various impurities in the air. The model is controlled using the remote control, which, in addition to setting the temperature, can also adjust the strength of the air flow. The indication notifies about the functioning of the split system and the activated mode.

The built-in timer allows to set the time for starting or stopping the BEKO BCDH240 / BCDH241 air conditioner. In addition to choosing the fan speed, the user has several options: "Sleep" saves energy consumption by reducing the intensity of work at night, and "Turbo" increases efficiency in a short period of time. With the consumed heating and cooling power of 2100 and 2400 W, respectively, the split system provides a comfortable temperature level in a living room or office. The automatic restart function reboots the air conditioner in the event of a power outage.
Cooling capacity 7030 Вт
Heating power 7300 Вт

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Air conditioner Beko BBFEA 240/BCDH 241

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