Refrigerator Beko RCSK 379M 20W

Refrigerator Beko RCSK 379M 20W

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Product Code: RCSK 379M 20W
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Item specifics

  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 59/60/201
  • Overall volume 346 l
  • Weight 62.6 kg

Product Description

The high two-compartment refrigerator with a total volume of 379 liters is equipped with a bottom freezer and a static cooling system. The refrigerator doors are equipped with a double-sided suspension bracket and an antibacterial seal that reduces the growth and spread of germs and bacteria. The refrigerator has been assigned energy consumption and energy efficiency classes A +. In the event of an accidental power outage, the refrigerator keeps the inside cold for 18 hours.

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